Ghoul Talk, a Monster High collectors podcast

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Ghoul Talk is a brand-new podcast about Mattel’s Monster High doll line, created by and for collectors.  An awesome dude from the Monster High Arena started it up, and I am one of the co-hosts!  We’ve just published the pilot episode, and are working on the next one.

​The Ghoul Talk podcast will consist of:
1. Doll reviews (new and “doll of the week” reviews of older dolls)
2. Character bios and in-depth analyses
3. MH News: what’s coming soon to toy shelves
4. An “Ask Abbey” segment where questions, silly or real, can be sent in to “Abbey” for advice
5. Possible interviews with creators, voice actors, artists, etc of the series, if we can make the right contacts
6. Misc corner: where we discuss similar toy lines like Bratzillaz, Novi Stars, etc.
7. Shoe, outfit and hair reviews
8. And much much MORE!

The pilot episode is now online! Click here to listen to the very first episode, which focuses on Frankie Stein, the original Monster High ghoul. Topher (heftysmurf76), Amanda (Aeryala), and Melissa chat about Frankie and how we got into collecting Monster High, and our very own “Dear Abbey” gives some advice to a zombie in need. Our overseas correspondent, Amy (Saiko), also has news on what’s out and what’s coming up in Europe, and Amanda gives you the scoop on the doll situation in North America.

Have fun listening to episode 0, and let us know what you think!

Listen to the pilot episode of Ghoul Talk here, or subscribe to us on itunes by searching for “Ghoul Talk” in the podcast section.


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