Monster High at NYCC

The New York Comic Con was this weekend, and Monster High had a booth there for the first time.  Here’s a closer look at some of the dolls that were revealed:

Ghoul Spirit dolls

Slo Mo had already been shown at the San Diego ComiCon, but this is the first time we’ve seen the other three dolls.  This will most definitely be a budget line.  Frankie and Spectra look awful to me – Frankie’s outfit is cute, but damn she looks like she has pink-eye – but Slo Mo is pretty rad, and all the little school shirts are totally adorable.


The big movie/line for 2014 looks like it’s going to be Frights, Camera, Action!

As per the trailer shown at San Diego Comic-Con International 2013, “Frights, Camera, Action!” will detail the adventure the ghouls have in trying to find the missing vampire queen, Elissabat, and an object described as the ancient vampire heart. The adventure will have the ghouls visit Londoom, New Gorleans, and Hauntlywood.

Both Londoom and New Gorleans line up with two new characters associated with Frights, Camera, Action!, namely Clawdia Wolf and Honey Swamp. How the fourth new charater, Viperine Gorgon, then fits the story is yet unclear. (from the MH wiki)

Viperine Gorgon

Viperine is probably my favorite of the new characters.  She’s wonderfully monstery, despite not actually having snakes in her hair – she has the same scaly bodymold as the gorgon Create-a-Monster doll, plus she has snake eyes and a scale pattern on her forehead (very similar to Deuce’s “tattoo”), not to mention she has so many creepy snakes on her accessories.  She also looks to be based on an albino snake of some sort, which is definitely something unique.

Her style is very retro, with that dress and boots, and the Charlie’s Angels hair – the retro look is very different for a Monster High doll, and really well done, imo.

The whole point of Frights, Camera, Action is that the characters all work in film and they’re making a movie together – so each one has a different role in the production.  Viperine is the makeup artist, and it looks like she comes with a makeup kit that includes a box, a brush, and a makeup palette.

The box even has a stylized viper design sculpted onto it, and her shoes have the same eyes and fangs!

Honey Swamp

honey legs

Honey Swamp appears to be the cameraperson, and she comes with a clapboard and movie camera. She is a close runner-up for my favorite new MH doll; she is meant to be a swamp monster, and has reptilian eyes and some sort of tendrils on her arms and legs.  Her shoes are also sculpted to look like alligator/crocodile heads with lots of teeth.

Honey is most likely based on the Honey Island Swamp Monster, which is reportedly a 7 foot tall smelly humanoid with webbed feet that roams the swamps of Louisiana or somesuch.  Seems like a reach, but whatever, the doll is wicked cool.


Elissabat is the star of the movie, and is apparently supposed to be a “dead ringer” for Draculaura, which leads to speculation that the plot of the film is going to be a version of The Prince and the Pauper story.  It looks like they even used the exact same head mold as Draculaura, so here’s hoping that Elissabat has the adult body, just to give us some variety.  Her outfit is bitchin’ though, and exactly how I’ve always *wanted* draculaura to look – it’s a much more authentic gothic lolita style to me, and way more bad-ass.

Clawdia Wolf

Clawdia Wolf was already revealed at SDCC, but here’s another look at her.  She is Clawdeen’s older sister, and she’s the first Monster High doll to have an open-mouthed smile on her head sculpt.  Not sure what her role in the movie is, though she looks to be a reporter or something, with a notebook and cell phone.  [Edit:  There’s also a news microphone on the counter next to her!]


There is also a Black Carpet doll assortment that will presumably be the slim-box line to go with Frights, Camera, Action.  These are four of the regular MH characters dressed up for the movie premiere.

Black Carpet Lagoona Blue

Black Carpet Draculaura

Black Carpet Cleo

Cleo’s shoes

Black Carpet Clawdeen Wolf

That Clawdeen is so fuckin’ fierce, I can’t even take it!  Look at those spiky earrings, and that neck piece!  Cleo’s dress is gorgeous, too.


There is also a Frights, Camera, Action Operetta doll, which will be a Walmart exclusive.  Her dress is fantastic – I love the art deco look, and the sheet music print on the petticoat is a wonderful detail.

Frights, Camera, Action Operetta (Walmart exclusive)


The other big reveal at NYCC is the Art Class line; there are four dolls, each displayed with a different little playset featuring a different art medium – painting, ice sculpture, welding(?), and ceramics.

Art Class Draculaura

Draculaura is generally one of my least favorite MH dolls, but this version of her is pretty cute; I love the retro feel of her outfit and the colors they used, and I’mma need that playset for Catrine.  Lala’s shoes in particular are also totes adorable – the heels are swirly tubes of paint.

Art Class Robecca Steam

Art Class Robecca is hands-down my favorite of this line.  She really looks like the child of a mad scientist, and for the first time with this character, I think her faceup is very pretty.

Art Class Abbey Bominable

A doll with a chainsaw.  Hell yes!  Too bad her outfit looks like a recolor of her sig look.

Art Class Skelita

This Skelita is kinda.. meh to me; honestly she looks like a little bit of a hot mess and that dress is just fugly.  The kiln set is super cute though, and looks like it comes with lots of little accessories.

It’s not clear yet whether this line is four dolls and a single large playset, or if each doll comes with their own mini playset.  Personally I hope it’s the latter, though as an artist myself, I will want every single one of these.  ^_^


The New Scaremester line also debuted at NYCC – this is another line we’ve been hearing a lot about online lately, so it’s awesome to finally see them in the flesh, so to speak.  There’s no indication of what the story is with this line, or even if it’s budget or deluxe, though I have to lean toward thinking they’ll be deluxe dolls, since they’re shown with a purse and another accessory, very similar to the Ghouls Night Out line.  The little pastels in Catrine’s thing even look like they might be separate pieces, so definitely no budget stuff going on here, in my opinion.  Of course, it’d be awesome if I’m wrong, since that will make these dolls cheaper, and I totally want them all.

New Scaremester

New Scaremester Catrine DeMew

New Scaremester Jinafire Long

New Scaremester Clawdeen


Picnic Casket for 2 – Jackson Jekyll and Frankie Stein

The new Toys R Us exclusive is this “Picnic Casket for 2”, with Jackson and Frankie looking all matchy and out on a date.  This pack is utterly charming – I love how the dolls are posed in the box, it’s dynamic and compelling, and it’s adorable how they made it look like Jackson is tripping over his own feet and dropping stuff.  The matching yellow in their hair is also a nice touch and really plays up the fact that they’re a couple.  Too cute.


Home Ick Classroom playset

A Home Ick Classroom playset is shown here, that is obviously meant to go with the Heath/Abbey doll pack.  It’s not a very exciting set, to me, but does lead to some interesting speculation about whether they’ll also be making other classroom playsets, especially since there’s the Lab Partners doll set in the same case with Heath/Abbey.


Coffin Bean dolls

The Coffin Bean line is another new one, and it’s going to be an “emerging channel exclusive,” which means Monster High is going to have exclusives in yet another store.  Here’s hoping it’s one that has worldwide chains.

I have to say, I’m a fan of these dolls even though it’s a simple budget line.  These are fresh, fun looks for Frankie and Toralei, and Abbey’s faceup is really soft and lovely.  I also love their little drinks and just the whole concept of the coffee shop line, especially with the Coffin Bean playset already being out.  Mattel is smart as fuck, because these dolls totally make me want the playset, where I was fine not having it before.

Back of Coffin Bean boxes

Coffin Bean Frankie

This is such a different look for Frankie, with the white and yellow hair; I think it looks really fun and youthful and sunny!  I’d have liked a less made-up looking faceup, with a lighter look to go with the pale hair, but she’s still very pretty.  Her outfit is darling, too, and a different kind of style for the character.

Coffin Bean Toralei Stripe

It’s wonderful to see them making more dolls of Toralei – not only is she one of my favorite Monster High girls, but also, lots of people weren’t able to get a hold of her Signature release, and even Cat Tastrophe seems to be hard to find in the States.  The look they’ve given her on the Coffin Bean doll is rather different from her other three releases; she looks both a bit softer and more mature here, and that houndstooth skirt is pretty fabulous.  The black undertone to her hair is different and cool, too; I can’t wait to see some out of box photos.


We also got to see the Sweet Screams dolls in-box at NYCC.  The dolls were revealed at SDCC, but this is the first we’ve seen of their packaging, which is pretty damn cool – totally creepy-cute.  They will be Target exclusives.

Sweet Screams Frankie

Sweet Screams Draculaura


Jane Boolittle is another doll that was revealed at SDCC, but here she is again, and again with no card to give us any clues about her.  This doll should be released in stores quite soon though.

Jane Boolittle


If you want to see some more, quite excellent photos of the MH dolls at NYCC, there’s a great photoset here, and another here that has some great close-ups.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DollsForGrownUps
    Oct 28, 2013 @ 14:14:35

    Thanks for sharing this! I also adore Honey Swamp… I like Sweet Screams Frankie, too – that little red jacket is adorable!
    Elissabat reminds me of the Ever After High Raven Queen… maybe it’s the color schemes?


  2. Jessica
    Oct 30, 2013 @ 19:32:40

    Viperine is so pretty. I wish Frights,Camera,Action!,was out sooner


    • DollNerd
      Nov 05, 2013 @ 16:04:48

      The Black Carpet dolls, the budget line that goes along with FCA, are already showing up in stores in the States! The deluxe dolls should be out really soon too, hopefullly. 🙂


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