Doll Review: Ever After High – Blondie Lockes

Blondie Lockes is the daughter of Goldilocks, from the classic tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  She can’t resist hot porridge, wants everything to be “just right,” and she has a natural magical ability to open locked doors.  Blondie also considers herself a journalist and runs a “mirrorcast” called Just Right; she’s also known to insist that she’s descended from royalty.  Her doll is part of the second wave of Ever After High signature character dolls, along with Cerise Hood.

Blondie -marked

I didn’t get a picture of her mint in the box – she was a birthday present and I was way too excited to hold off deboxing just for photos.  I kept the box in displayable shape, anyway..

Blondie box

The packaging on the EAH dolls is really fantastic.  I love how the whole thing is designed to look like a book with the cover torn off and the doll nestled in the curve of the pages.  The sides of the box are made to look like the book spine and pages respectively; the whole thing makes a wonderful backdrop for displaying the doll.  The “book spines” all even have a roman numeral II at the bottom for the volume number – because these are the *children* of the classic fairy tales, the second generation?  The whole thing is full of awesome little details, actually:

box details

The back of the box says, “The candidly honest Blondie Lockes may be opinionated, but her friends love her bouncy personality.  Blondie hopes to unlock her true Happily Ever After – proving she actually comes from fairytale royalty!”  Since this doll has multilingual packaging, I suspect that this is a truncated version of the blurb from the American-only box.

Underneath is her character profile:

  • Parent: Goldilocks
  • Parent’s Story: The Three Little Bears
  • Roommate: C.A. Cupid
  • Secret Heart’s Desire: Well since my family comes from an old kingdom, having my whole story told and being recognized for my Royal roots would be just right!
  • My “Magic” Touch: I can unlock any door. It’s no big deal, really. Doors like being walked through. You only insult their destiny by locking them!
  • Storybook Romance Status: I can’t wait to meet the Prince Charming that’s just right for me!
  • “Oh Curses!” Moment: Why do people get so mad when I borrow their things? I just assume if they leave their stuff out in the open, they want to share it with me.
  • Favorite Subject: Debate. Obviously, people need to know when they’re just wrong.
  • Least Favorite Subject: Arts & Crafts. If you want my opinion, I don’t think my paintings should be criticized.
  • Best Friends Forever After: Apple White and Briar Beauty

20131116_201020Blondie and Cerise’s boxes also have a feature that’s not on the first waves’ – a keyhole cutout, showing the stand inside the box.  A lot of people must have been accidentally throwing the stands away, ’cause not only is there the keyhole, but the stands are firmly taped in place so that they’re as visible as possible.

Deboxing EAH dolls is fairly simple with a small, sharp pair of scissors – unless you’re like me and want to save the box.  In that case, it might take you a while, ’cause you pretty much have to completely (and very carefully) dismantle the whole thing in order to get at the back of the doo-dahs holding the doll to the package.  It’s totally worth the extra time though, ’cause like I said, these boxes make fantastic display pieces.  You have to open the left side of the box to access the doll stand anyway.


On to the doll herself – I freaking love her!  Her character design and all the details are indeed “just right.”

Blondie has a pale skin tone and bright blue eyes, and her hair is two shades of yellow – a lemony dominant color with a softer, buttery yellow mixed in.   She’s dressed in sweet lolita fashion, with a “cupcake” shaped dress featuring portraits of the Three Bears printed on the skirt; she also comes with a (plastic) head bow, sheer blue tights, high-heeled booties with key-shaped heels and accented with “faux bear fur”, and she has gold accessories that are all shaped like locks, keys, and bears.

The sculpting/casting on Blondie’s accessories is mostly up to the high standards set by Monster High – her purse, bow, and shoes mostly have very sharp details, but on her ring, earrings, and charm bracelet it’s a little hard to make out the designs.  The purse is one solid piece and does not open, but it does have the sculpted details on both sides; the bow only has the teddy bear on one side, but the sculpted bow details are double-sided.  The gold accessories have a pearly, metallic sheen, and they match the gold on the doll stand.

Blondie’s dress is a little piece of lolita perfection, and it fits the doll perfectly.  The stretchy fitted bodice is off-white patterned with blue keys, and has a blue gauze collar and sleeves.  There’s a blue flounce at the waist, and the stiff, poofy skirt is off-white fading to blue; it’s printed with portraits of the Three Bears, with a porridge bowl border at the bottom.  Papa Bear is printed on each side of the back of the skirt, Mama is on the sides of the skirt, and Baby is front and center.


20131119_115944The Ever After High head sculpts are very different from their sister line, Monster High – most notably in the fact that they are all nearly identical.  Whereas MH faces tend to be angular with very sculpted features, and almost every character has their own distinctive sculpt, EAH girls all have very round heads with little definition. It also seems to make them very prone to eye wonk, so if you’re shopping for one of these dolls, look carefully before you buy.

Their bodies are essentially thicker, more realistic versions of the MH bodies, with the same level of articulation (though EAH dolls have slightly more restricted hip & shoulder movement), and there are three different heights for the girls so far (Maddie is shorter and Cerise is taller).  They cannot share clothes perfectly with MH dolls, as MH are much thinner and have slightly smaller feet as well.  (I will probably make a post in the near future about which doll clothes EAH girls can fit into.)

20131119_114829Blondie seems to have the same face sculpt as the first wave of EAH girls, but her eyes are  differently shaped, which goes a long way toward giving her a unique look. I think this doll has a sweet, slightly melancholy expression; she doesn’t really look much like the character art, but since the art seems to use an identical model for every female, I’m not too bothered.  She also has a little crease between her nose and one eye; it almost looks like a fingernail mark.  The weird thing is that my Maddie doll has the exact same flaw in the same place.

Blondie has long, curled-under bangs that are solidly shellacked into place, and the rest of her hair is butt-length and loosely curly, with only a little bit of styling glue on the top of her head.  The hair feels soft and fine but also kind of heavy and oily at the same time and is kind of a solid mass of hair, which made it become a bit of a rat’s nest really quickly once I starting playing around with the doll; this is one doll that will definitely benefit from a wash n’ style session.

20131119_120121The rooting is very decent – not super thick, but not thin at all – and the only place that looks bad on my doll is a patch on the side that shows her scalp now that I took the rubber band off of her headband.  Once I wash the styling product out, it should be fine though; the hair can’t fall naturally to cover the scalp because it’s so glued into place there.


In the delightful tradition of Monster High diaries, every EAH doll comes with a personalized diary in the form of an accordion-folded bookmark, attached to the book-shaped packaging as if it’s sticking out from between the pages.  I suspect that the American version has more “pages” to it, since the reverse of mine is printed with the same text in French, but I could be wrong.  Here’s the English pages of mine (click to embiggen):

20131119_155400 20131119_155408 20131119_15541420131119_155422

The writing on these is cute, and when put together gives a much more in-depth view of the world of Ever After High.  They use a lot of character-appropriate phrases, and silly fairy tale themed puns abound, but it’s all rather well done and quite charming.  The writing in the associated book, Ever After High: Storybook of Legends, fits really well with the writing in the diaries, and I have to say Mattel’s team has done a great job of making a cohesive canon with well-rounded, likeable-yet-interesting characters, and an alternate universe that’s both amusing and intriguing.

Even though I was initially a little doubtful about collecting Ever After High dolls because of their big round heads, I am definitely a fan now.  I don’t dig the fact that their head sculpts are so huge and round and featureless, but the rest of everything is so close to perfect that I can’t really be mad.  The concept behind the line is great and offers a lot of possibilities for expansion, and they’re cute, high-quality dolls with great outfits and lots of wonderful details.


Blondie is totes adorable and fun to play with, and she’s already inspiring so many ideas for photos and doll crafting projects.  I just bought some ribbon with which to make her a proper petticoat, and am planning a whole Three Bears themed diorama and photo shoot.  It’s a mark of a good toy line when the products actually inspire creative play, so I for one am giving a big thumbs up to Ever After High and Miss Lockes.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Winduru
    Nov 20, 2013 @ 15:08:46

    EAH is nice-looking, but I still prefer MH because I value character more than a pretty face.


  2. Liz
    Nov 21, 2013 @ 07:38:54

    Where can I buy one for my dauther ? Thanks. Liz


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  4. HelenM
    Nov 25, 2013 @ 16:34:47

    OMG she is beautiful!! Lovely box too…and all her details (dress, shoes, purse..) are lovely, I need her ^^


  5. Doop
    Nov 28, 2013 @ 03:41:35

    Blondie looks absolutely gorgeous!
    She’s pretty much the reason I got into EAH, I’m into lolita myself and when I saw her outfit I was surprised, it could definitely be considered a lolita coord. With the bell shaped (almost) knee length skirt and the sweet border print, I can see this working in real life. I just wish the dolls would hurry up and arrive in Australia.


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