Doll Review: Ever After High – Cerise Hood

20131121_094236Let me warn you right now – there are some spoilers in this review, though I can’t imagine anyone who’s interested in these dolls doesn’t know this stuff already; it doesn’t hurt to mention it just in case though I suppose.

Cerise Hood is the daughter of Red Riding Hood.  She has a secret though – she’s also the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf!  This presents an interesting quandary in the world of Ever After High, because if everyone had followed their proper script the way they’re supposed to, she wouldn’t even exist.  Cerise seems to have had a good childhood with her parents, but now that she’s at school and preparing to take over her mother’s story she has to hide the fact that she’s part wolf.


She’s a quiet loner (a lone wolf, hurrhurr) at school, wearing her cloak at all times and doing her best to stay unnoticed by anyone.  She has some wolfish traits, namely pointed wolf ears instead of human ones, as well as enhanced physical abilities, and apparently she has a tendency to lose control when she’s provoked and goes into some kind of werewolf mode, where her eyes change and she loses control of her actions.

Like I mentioned in the Blondie Lockes review, the packaging on  these dolls is just wonderful – each box is designed to look like a book with the cover ripped off.  I love how individual yet cohesive all the box art is.  These dolls will look fantastic displayed together on a bookshelf.


Here’s a photo showing what the box insert looks like from the top down – you can see how it’s made to look like curved book pages:20131121_094652

The art on the Ever After High dolls’ boxes is mostly all specific to the characters.  I also really like how all the art is done to look like stuff that’s been scribbled on or taped to the “book.”

box details

The blurb on the back of my box says, “Cerise has a secret.  Nobody can know who her father is!  There’s a reason she hides her ears!  Cerise sometimes comes off like a bit of a lone wolf.  But she’s fiercely loyal to her pack of friends.”

However, I discovered that this is a crappy, shortened version of the American box text: “[Cerise has a secret.]  Everyone knows Red Riding hood is her mom.  But nobody can find out who her father is!  Let’s just say there’s a reason her hood is always up.  Since she’s so protective of her family, Cerise sometimes comes off as a bit of a lone wolf.  Don’t misunderstand though… she’s fiercely loyal to her pack of friends, and, my what a big heart she has.”


Cerise’s character profile:

  • Parent: Red Riding Hood
  • Parent’s Story: Little Red Riding Hood
  • Roommate: Cedar Wood
  • Secret Heart’s Desire: Sometimes I just want to proudly howl to the world, “I’m proud of who I am!” Hopefully someday I can.
  • My “Magic” Touch: The speed and enchanced senses of my father, plus my magic red cloak lets me travel unseen through shadows. Wicked cool, huh?
  • Storybook Romance Status: I’m really shy around boys, but I’ve always been drawn to the leader of the pack.
  • “Oh Curses!” Moment: I have to always hide my ears under my hood. If anyone finds out my parents were the first Rebels, we could be in big bad trouble!
  • Favorite Subject: Grimmnastics, especially cross country running. Maybe it’s because I run like the wind.
  • Least Favorite Subject: Chemythstry. I sometimes feel like I have a hard time mixing well with others.
  • Best Friends Forever After: Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter and Cedar Wood


Cerise is dressed in the eponymous red hooded cloak, which has a beautiful tree branch design printed in black and grey; the cloak is fastened with plastic chains across the front.  It’s also lined with transparent red mesh, but it’s done in an interesting way – the lining is a smaller piece, so the outer fabric is folded under all the way around.  The hood is unfortunately not lined with anything, but the seam isn’t an eyesore.


She has a red & black plaid mini-dress w/ short black fishnet sleeves and black tulle ruffles on the asymmetrical hem, and underneath are dark grey leggings with a leathery texture.


Her accessories include a brown plastic belt/cincher with a silver chain and the leaf-shaped “locket” that’s  shown in this webisode, as well as tall brown boots, a black wristband, a red ring, and of course Red Riding Hood’s daughter wouldn’t be complete without a picnic basket (it doesn’t open, but it’s a beautifully detailed sculpt and done in three different color plastics).  She also comes with a matching black brush and stand, with a clear post on the stand.


Cerise has espresso-colored hair w/ some white highlights (the highlights seem to vary greatly from doll to doll), grey eyes with grey eyeshadow in two shades,  and a natural pink lip color.


The Cerise doll has a different head sculpt from the other EAH girls.

profilesHer nose, mouth, and chin are different, and she has slightly pointed ears, though they are hardly the big wolfy ones she had in this webisode, which I personally find very disappointing, and quite a cop-out since they’ve made such a big deal about her ears being something she has to hide.


Her hand sculpt is also subtly different, with longer, pointed fingernails.  This picture shows a side-by-side comparision of Cerise’s (top/left) and Blondie’s (bottom/right) hands:


Cerise has a taller body than the other Ever After High dolls as well, which also makes her taller than the average Monster High female.


Cerise is the doll I have probably been looking forward to the most from EAH, though Lizzie Hearts is a close second.  She’s definitely more to my usual aesthetic than the girlygirly princess types, and I always do go for the angsty, bad-ass loner characters.  And Red Riding Hood.  And werewolves…  And I love dolls without heavy makeup.  So yeah, I’m digging Cerise.

character art smaller

Her design is also just really great, and I appreciate that the EAH team isn’t only making super femme female characters.  It’s something that I think is so very important – there are lots and lots of girls out there who do not fit into the societally pressured “femme” box that almost all “girl” toys cater to, and representation matters!

Go into any toy store, and you’ll see aisles and aisles of frilly pink stuff – there need to be more toys like this Cerise doll, that show girls that they can be anything they want and they don’t have to fit some bullshit feminine stereotype to do it.  Chicks can be bad-asses, too.midclose-marked

Along similar lines, I really appreciate that most of the EAH dolls have tights or leggings – it helps keep the teenaged characters from looking too sexualized, and there’ll be no accidental booty-flashing with these dolls.  (Not to mention all the clothing-swapping and re-dressing possibilities – the right legwear can really make an outfit!) No doubt it’s because the whole line was created in part to snag that percentage of folks who don’t buy Monster High stuff because the dolls are too “slutty” and “creepy,” and tights/leggings are a nice way to keep the styles modest.  Personally I think MH should start doing the same thing, because those short little  skirts do ride up like a motherfucker, and their legs are so freaking long that they often look bare without some kind of legwear.  But I digress.

Here is Cerise’s diary, though after reading it I am very sure it’s a shortened version of the American one; I am disappoint. (If anybody has American diaries for these dolls, I’d be very interested in acquiring them..)

20131121_16103020131121_161058 20131121_161109 20131121_16112420131121_161134

I’m all out of photos for now, so I think I’ll end the review here; it’s getting super long anyway.  There are a couple other things I wanted to write about Cerise, but I’ll save them for another day.


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Blackcat
    Nov 25, 2013 @ 10:02:38

    This was very helpful! It’s hard to find reviews that cover every tiny detail like this. I’ve been looking everywhere for her in the U.S, and I’ve found absolutely nothing. Is there anywhere I can find her besides ebay?


  2. HelenM
    Nov 25, 2013 @ 16:30:15

    very cool review ^^ she is very cute, buuuut I wanna Lizzie Hearts so much! *___*


  3. Julia
    Dec 07, 2013 @ 19:15:46

    I want this doll BAD I also want Lizzy,Kitty and Ceder BAD too
    Great review its “Just right”


    • DollNerd
      Dec 08, 2013 @ 11:35:42

      Thanks! I’m eagerly awaiting Lizzie, Kitty, and Cedar too, they’re going to be awesome dolls. I think Cedar is the next one that will be out.


  4. kim
    Dec 20, 2013 @ 13:08:20

    i liked the story


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  6. Indigo
    May 17, 2014 @ 08:03:15

    Thanks so much for showing the ears and all the rest of the details!


  7. caitlin
    Oct 01, 2014 @ 08:42:01

    Shame about the ears


  8. Anonymous
    Jan 16, 2015 @ 12:49:46

    The ears are sadly disappointing. I really wanted the ones like in the cartoon.


    • DollNerd
      Feb 09, 2015 @ 20:46:21

      Me too – the fuzzy wolf ears were so cute! I have three Cerise dolls now and am planning to use some clay to modify one’s ears; I’ll take pics for the blog when I do. 🙂


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