Doll Review: Monster High – Sweet 1600 Clawdeen Wolf Re-release

Sweet 1600 was a line  of Monster High dolls originally released in late 2011, revolving around Draculaura’s 1600th birthday.  The Sweet 1600 dolls were all dressed in party clothes and had glittery makeup and tinselled hair, and each one came with a gift for Draculaura.  All the dolls except for C.A. Cupid also came with a metallic key and a code to unlock the Sweet 1600 app and content on the Monster High website (diaries, episode scripts and Q & A).

This year for Black Friday, Walmart has exclusive re-releases of the main three Sweet 1600 dolls – Draculaura, Clawdeen, and Frankie.  These are identical to the original releases with a few exceptions: slightly different packaging, no tinsel in their hair, no gift, key, or invitation, and a different purse.  In the States, these re-releases were on sale for $10, but I also found them here in Canada on Saturday for $12; as of this writing, they are currently on for $20 (they’re not on at all).

The original S1600 line was on shelves when I first started collecting Monster High dolls, and I eyeballed Clawdeen (and Clawd – damn I wish I’d bought him now…) every time I was in a toy aisle.  The doll itself is lovely, and her outfit is awesome; it’s not every day you see a female fashion doll in a tuxedo.  Clawdeen’s dolls are always the most tempting to me, I think because they consistently give her fierce hard femme looks, and that is an aesthetic that’s close to my heart.

If anybody’s interested, there are some nice pics of original s1600 Clawdeen on dms_a_jem’s flickr.20131202_112646

Anyway, I never bought any of the S1600 dolls because the price was always too high for me, but then I saw the re-release this weekend and even though it was on a shelf marked $23 it scanned for $12!  I still wasn’t going to buy it because I just spent a bunch of birthday money on dolls, but my husband was feeling bad because he had almost burned down our apartment earlier in the day, so he asked if I wanted the doll and then insisted on buying it.  He’s such a silly sweetheart; I wasn’t even upset about the kitchen accident.

I am super happy to have this Clawdeen though; she’s gorgeous!


Her faceup is nearly identical to Roller Maze Clawdeen, who has been my favorite version of the character for a while.  The only real difference is that RM Clawdeen has smaller eyes, a hint of lime green on her eyelids, and a lighter pink lip.  I love the more natural look of these faceups!


This doll’s hair does not have the sparkly tinsel that was on the first release, and I am very glad; that tinsel is hard to maintain and I don’t think it adds much to the look of the dolls.  This re-release’s hair is actually almost identical to Ghouls Night Out Clawdeen’s – S1600 has a slightly darker shade of brown but the purples are the same and even rooted in similar places.

hair copy

Unfortunately this Clawdeen’s hair is kind of a rat’s nest in the back; it looks like she took a nap on the sofa and forgot to brush her hair afterward.  She’ll be fine after a little salon treatment though.


This Clawdeen’s outfit is one I really like.  It’s a fitted tuxedo type thing, with a jacket, sleeveless shirt, and high-waisted trousers that overlap the shirt and mimic a cummerbund.


She also has heel-less high-heeled black ankle boots with gold buckles, sculpted fur trim, and gold crescents/spikes instead of heels.


Her purse is different from the original S1600 one, which was just a little fabric rectangle that looked like a tuxedo shirt; this one is a re-release from something else, School’s Out or something, I’m not sure.  It’s a cute one though, with a working buckle on the strap and the purse even opens up.  It’s a really detailed sculpt, different on front and back, and for once the paint job actually picks up most of that nice detail.


The sewing on the strap is a little messy, and the buckle had a tendency to come undone while I was trying to pose the doll.  The other small problem I had is that the purse is so round that it’s hard to make it sit naturally when you put the strap on the doll’s shoulder; it’s so puffy that it sticks out a lot.  This is a really cool-looking purse though, and what with how detailed it is, it really rounds out the look of the doll.


Another nifty detail on this doll is her hands, they’re a different sculpt than Clawdeen usually has – these ones are made to look like purple gloves with studded straps on them.  They’re fully sculpted on front and back, and I am just itching to put a little bit of paint on them; I just wish the purple plastic was a bit darker to match Clawdeen’s hair and clothes better; the lighter color looks slightly out of place to me.


The only issue I have with this doll is that the faux fur trim on the jacket seems to have stained her arms a bit.  It’s pretty faint and really doesn’t show up in photos, but if you have one of these dolls I wouldn’t display or store her with the jacket on.  It might be wise to keep the jacket in a plastic baggy or something too so it doesn’t stain other items.

I think her outfit looks awesome without the jacket anyway.


I had a lot of fun playing around with Sweet 1600 Clawdeen while taking pictures; I love her faceup so much and the dapper outfit is unique and pretty fantastic.  The funny thing is that it’s a doll I never thought I’d own and now she might be my new favorite!


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  1. Carnitas Fever
    Dec 03, 2013 @ 13:00:14

    I knew these were coming out, but I did not know they were out for Black Friday. GAH!!! Now I have to go get them for double the price.

    I did get over to Target and get a a few of the girls for $10 though. So, guess that is not too bad.


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