It’s gonna be like Christmas

Ever since Monster High dolls first came out in 2010, I’ve ogled them on the toy shelves.  My ex-girlfriend and I used to browse toy stores just for fun since she’s a gamer and collector, and I’m an overgrown child.  Because I was unemployed for a long time, my toy shopping was limited to wishful thinking, and Monster High was usually the focus of my daydreaming.

I liked all the original dolls, but the one I would always pick up and gaze at the most longingly was Ghoulia.  Her character art is adorable and I love that she’s an awkward nerd girl, ’cause I am one of those myself and that’s not something you ever see with fashion dolls (especially not at that time).  I also love her blue hair and quirky outfit that isn’t all super femme (corduroy pants!  long sleeves! fishnet armwarmers!  stripes! cherries!  kick-ass boots!) – not to mention, she’s a freaking zombie.

By the time I started actually collecting dolls, the signature versions were long-gone from store shelves, and that Ghoulia now usually sells online for more than I can justify paying for a toy.

I also missed out on the first waves of MH fashion packs, which included the best fashion pack ever made for a doll – the Comic Book Club pack, meant for my girl Ghoulia.  There is nothing about that set that is less than perfectly awesome.

“As president of the comic club, she wears a black, red, and green Dead Fast T-shirt, a white and red jean skirt with a brain pattern and net fringe on the hem. Her cats-eye glasses are green, she has red zipper earrings, a red hairband, and black and red hightops with green laces. Her outfit comes with a Dead Fast action figure still in its case and a Dead Fast comic.”

If I could only ever have one more Monster High thing, it would be that fashion pack.

There is one other MH item that I’ve also coveted ever since I first saw it though, and that is Cleo’s vanity.  I’m especially a fan of it because I had a period of my childhood where I was fascinated by ancient Egyptian culture and artifacts, but the vanity is also just a really fucking cool toy.  The amount of detail on the thing is astounding, and there are so many nifty little parts; the hieroglyphs on it even actually spell “Klio”.

Well I am a lucky lucky doll nerd, because all of those items – Signature Ghoulia, the Comic Club fashion pack, and Cleo’s vanity, the three Monster High things I’ve wanted most – are going to be there waiting for me when I go back home for Christmas!

My parents both gave me money for my birthday last month “to spend on something fun,” and it happened to be perfect timing because some folks online put my coveted items up for sale; I had them shipped to my mom’s address in the States to make the cost lower, so they will be there waiting for me when I go back for a Christmas visit, next week.  It’s like an extended birthday and an early Christmas at the same time.  ^_^

I’m super excited, especially because I was able to buy from other collectors, and I didn’t have to pay inflated ebay prices.  These are items I didn’t think I’d be able to have for a long long time, and now they’re going to be part of my collection!

Here’s some photos of the dolls I’m looking forward to:


The comic club fashion pack on a lovely Dead Tired Ghoulia (one of my favorite versions of her), with bonus fishnet tights. ❤

This is a pic of the sig Ghoulia I’ll be getting, and I also bought this fantastic gargoyle boy with sculpted hair from the same person:

He should also be coming with glasses and sig Deuce’s shoes.

The original owner took some other fantastic photos of him, and they are making me even more tickled about getting him.  ^_^

I’m also doing a trade with someone else for Classroom Lagoona’s stock; I’m getting the lab coat (for my custom Princess Bubblegum that’s in the works), plus the cute little dress, earrings, shoes, three-eyed frog in a jar, the locker and a couple other little bits.  It’s too bad I haven’t found the whole set for a doable price, but getting those pieces is awesome.  That lab coat has been on my must-have list for a while now, too.

There’s going to be a whole pile of doll stuff waiting for me at my mom’s place, actually.  I’ve been in Canada for a year and a half now, and more than a couple packages have had to be mailed to my US address, mostly due to shipping restrictions and prices.

As far as I can recall, I should have the following things waiting at my mom’s house by the time I get there:  Hunter Huntsman, Ghouls Rule Clawdeen, Sig. Robecca, 2 nude Pinkie Coopers, along with Sig. Ghoulia, DT Ghoulia in the comic club fashion pack, the garboyle, Cleo’s vanity, the Classroom Lagoona stuff, and some miscellaneous doll clothes & accessories.  A friend also picked up Novi Stars Anne Arctic for me, so I’ll be grabbing her while I’m back home.  It’s going to be a total nerdgasm opening all those goodies at once, like being a kid at Christmas again. ^_^


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carnitas Fever
    Dec 08, 2013 @ 20:19:07

    Sounds like a good time coming up for you. That Gargoyle guy is great!


  2. sergionthemoon
    Dec 20, 2013 @ 14:20:36

    Monster High is the best Mattel product ever! I owned Ghoulia, she had an amazing 80s vibe outfit! Now I collect only MH guys and I could kill for that Gargoyle 😛


  3. Nymphaea
    Jan 07, 2014 @ 18:58:03

    Hello from Belgium! I just discovered your blog, it’s great. I only have two Monster High dolls in my doll collection so far because they are really expensive here, but I do have a small wish list :-). Looking forward to further posts, and that gargoyle is amazing!


    • DollNerd
      Jan 12, 2014 @ 14:06:35

      Glad you like the blog! I’ve seen some of the overseas prices on dolls, and it’s nuts! I shouldn’t complain as much as I do about Canadian mark ups. XD

      You might consider joining the mharena, members there often help each other acquire dolls as reasonable prices. 🙂


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