Doll Review: Monster High – I Love Fashion Clawdeen

20131207_101405I Love Fashion Clawdeen is a doll that I was really anticipating; it took a looong time for her and Scarah to make it to Canada.  I went to Toys R Us so many times hoping to find this fantastic set and she came home with me the first day I finally saw her in the store…  and then she sat, still boxed, in a corner of my living room for a week.  There was nothing wrong with the doll; something about her just wasn’t speaking to me, despite the long and eager wait I’d had to get her.  And then one day, I was shopping for something else and decided to look through the Clawdeens again – and found the perfect one.

I am probably the pickiest doll collector on the planet – I have to examine every single doll on the shelf before buying, searching not only for technical perfection, but  that special something in its face that makes a doll come alive in my mind.  My husband rolls his eyes, but now that I’ve been collecting for more than a year and I have  a metric buttload of dolls, I’ve come to realize that if a doll has too many flaws or lacks that “soul” to me, then it will tend to sit, unplayed with and unphotographed, and collect dust.

So maybe y’all can understand my excitement when I found the perfect Clawdeen.  I may be the only person who could even tell the difference between the one I kept and the one I returned, but apparently it matters to me.


The I Love Fashion Clawdeen set comes with a clothed doll and two extra outfits, each with shoes.  The doll comes dressed in a lime green tank top w/ black printed abstract designs reminiscent of zebra stripes, a black faux-snakeskin vest trimmed in purple, and capri pants that fade from black to plum.  She’s also wearing tall gold open-toed boots, lime green & purple hoop earrings, a black belt, and a variety of bracelets as well as clawed gold brass knuckles (so bad-ass!).  She also comes with a lime green boombox purse that’s a recolor of the one issued with Dance Class Howleen.  One of her hands has a sculpted purple two-fingered glove.

PicMonkey Collage -marked

It’s awesome that she comes with so many accessories; it makes the pack that much more versatile and detailed – you could have three totally different ensembles, including different jewelry for each one.


The extra outfits consist of a sleeveless purple and black zipper-and-leopard-print dress with spiky black pumps, a long-sleeved purple shirt trimmed with the same green fabric from the tank top, with a wolf face printed on the front, and it’s paired with the most amazing purple and metallic gold shorts and some purple high-heeled sneakers (also a recolor from a previously released doll).

shoesEven though they may be recasts, all of the shoes that come with this set are very cute, and really appropriate for the outfits.  As always, I’m itching to give them more painted details, but they’re still great as-is, and they’ll go with lots of outfits.


The packaging for this set is really cute – it’s designed to look like Clawdeen is in a clothing store, with the extra outfits displayed as if they are items for sale, with the dress on a paper mannequin and the shoes on a tiered cardboard table.  I plan to keep this box insert, since I want to do a display and photo shoot with a few dolls shopping at the “maul.”


Deboxing this doll was fairly simple, with the help of my pointy little nail scissors; Mattel seems to be streamlining the way things are packaged a bit lately.


Unfortunately, when I was deboxing Clawdeen I noticed a small but ominous grease spot on the back of the cardboard where her head was attached with plastic tabs.  I’ve never had the reportedly common problem with glue seepage in my dolls’ hair before, but it looks like Clawdeen is already showing signs of it.  I’d be kind of upset about it, but since this is the first doll I’ve owned with the problem I just feel lucky that I haven’t experienced it until now.



Anyway, the doll itself has wavy black and brown hair, shimmery purple eyeshadow in two shades, and dark purple lipstick with the usual painted fangs.  She’s one of the most beautiful Clawdeens they’ve made, in my opinion.


Of course, immediately after deboxing I had to dress some dolls in the extra outfits that came with this set.  I was particularly excited about the wolf shirt & those shiny little shorts – that outfit is the biggest reason I was so eager to buy I Love Fashion Clawdeen – those two pieces are just absolutely fantastic.

Unfortunately I must have got a bad set, because both of those items I love so much do not even come close to fitting on the regular-sized Monster High dolls.  I managed to get the shorts on Clawdeen with a little bit of elbow grease, but they are so incredibly tight that it makes her legs completely immobile; there’s no way I can dress a regular MH doll in them, even for photos.  The wolf shirt is even worse; the damn thing is so small that I couldn’t even get it over Clawdeen’s hips to try it on her, because the seams were in danger of ripping when I tried.

The sort-of good news is that the shirt and shorts do fit on the little sister MH body.  The color scheme is all wrong for Howleen though, in my opinion.  It makes me want to get an extra of her to rehair in a different color, just to dress her in this damn outfit.  At least the dress fits Clawdeen, I guess.  The outfit would probably look great on Twyla but I don’t have her, and anyway I really like the thought of a werewolf wearing the wolf shirt; it’s just too precious. XD


I hope they make more of these sets with different characters, which it looks like they might since Clawdeen and Scarah are the second wave of similar sets, following Frankie and Abbey.  These sets with the extra clothes, shoes, and accessories are so nice because Monster High doesn’t sell nearly enough fashion packs, which means I’ve ended up with far too many similar-looking dolls of the same characters just to get the clothes that are on them.  It makes collecting MH frustrating and expensive, especially since nude dolls just are not selling for decent prices anymore, since every other collector is having the same problem.

Hear that Mattel?  Moar fashion packs plz!  These are fashion dolls, after all, aren’t they? XD


If it weren’t for the too-small clothes, I would be utterly thrilled with the I Love Fashion Clawdeen set.  All of the pieces are cute and of nice quality, with plenty of details and lots of accessories, and everything is really versatile with lots of potential for mixing and matching with each other and also with other items I already had.  The included doll is gorgeous too – like I said, one of my very favorite versions of Clawdeen.


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  1. Gemma A
    Jan 13, 2014 @ 01:43:08

    This Clawdeen doll has a beautiful face. I bet she would look good in that purple/black dress paired with the black plastic jacket and gold boots.


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