Doll Review: Ghoul Spirit Frankie Stein

PicMonkey CollageGhoul Spirit is a slim-box line of four dolls dressed to cheer their school team for a pep rally. The dolls in the line are Venus McFlytrap, Sloman “Slo Mo” Mortavitch, Frankie Stein, and Spectra Vondergeist.  Seeing photos of the dolls in the NYCC display case, I was left with the distinct impression that it was almost a throwaway line, with very little creativity and somewhat poor design.  I gotta say, seeing the dolls in person has really changed my mind; I’m kind of a fan of this line after all.

The box art for Frankie is quite cute, and surprisingly not the same on the front and back.  She looks adorably high school-y, which is nice since some of the recent MH box art has the characters looking more adult and almost sexualized, and while I’m sex-positive and like sexy things I find it inappropriate and squick-worthy when it’s applied to high school-age characters that are being marketed to children. So seeing this refreshingly wholesome box art for Frankie is great; too bad her outfit doesn’t live up to that, but I’ll get into that aspect a little later..

The back of the box also has an image from the associated webisode, as well as a piece of notebook paper that says:

What:  Monster High Pep Rally!

When: Noon

Where:  Gym

Why:  Come show your Ghoul Spirit and yell your brains out for our Monster High teams!


There’s Frankie attached to the simple but cute backcard, posed with her foam finger in the air.  Go team, woo!  XD  You know, I just realized that I don’t know if the MH school has a  mascot or team names.. is that ever mentioned?


This Frankie is so much prettier and more monstery than I was expecting!  From the photos I saw online, I kinda hated her and thought it looked like she had pink eye or something, but in person the pink eyeshadow is surprisingly lovely and with the lighter-than-usual pink lip color, she looks really soft and pretty.  The skin tone on this Frankie is subtly different than other versions of her – it’s almost translucent-looking and more of a sickly, almost greyish green than usual, which I actually really like because it makes her look more like the reanimated corpse she’s meant to be.  Also, I don’t know if it’s the hairstyle or if my Frankie’s eyes are printed a little bit low on her face, but she looks to me like she has more of a big Frankenstein’s monster forehead.  She’s definitely the most monstery Frankie so far; I love it.  ^^

Another thing that’s different about this Frankie doll is that she has blue in her hair!  MH seems to be doing this a lot lately, adding pops of color to the hair of dolls that haven’t had that treatment in the past – and it’s awesome!  I’m particularly thrilled with this one because I have blue hair myself and always love to see (and acquire..) dolls with a similar color.

hairCollageThe blue in GS Frankie’s hair is a pretty cornflower blue; it does not match the more turquoise color that is in the outfit (which one of Frankie’s signature colors).  I think I like that the blues do not match here, even though I usually coo over perfect color matches – in this case it would just be too much of one color.


All the Ghoul Spirit dolls seem to have two-piece outfits; Frankie’s looks a lot like it would be one piece masquerading as two, and I kind of expected that since these are budget dolls, but the skirt is in fact separate.  It is freaking short though!

IMG_0318 Have you no modesty, Frankie?  Your hoohah is hanging out!


All the dolls in this line have a personalized Monster High design on their shirts; Frankie’s has the MH logo surrounded by a jagged line of Frankenstein stitches.  I like that it kinda looks like she spliced a school shirt onto her own outfit.  The plaid pattern in her outfit is also cute – I didn’t notice it immediately, but there are little Frankenstein stitches in the lines of the plaid.

Frankie is also wearing skullette-shaped bracelets in turquoise and black:


She also has cute little lightning bolt earrings. They are very small – nicely scaled to the size of the doll, unlike most doll earrings.


Frankie’s shoes are recolors of her Dawn of the Dance shoes – heel-less pumps in turquoise and black, with the colors switched on the left and right:


And to complete the school spirit theme, Frankie also comes with a “foam” finger with pointed pink fingernails, that says “#1” and has the MH logo on it.  It is the exact same design as the (actual) foam finger that came with Fearleading/Ghoul Spirit Ghoulia, though this one is plastic and one-sided, with a loop of sorts on the back for the doll’s hand to go through.


Go team!


Oops, accidental panty shot…with a skirt this short though, it’s hard to avoid..

Aside from the appalling shortness of her skirt, I couldn’t really be happier with Ghoul Spirit Frankie, especially since I initially disliked the look of the doll.  Being in a budget line, her outfit is simple, but it’s pretty cute and doesn’t have a cheap vibe like a lot of budget lines tend to do.  I appreciate that the clothes are separates, and the accessories are attractive and versatile; her face is also cute, with soft makeup, and I love how monstery she is with the corpsely pallor and large-ish forehead.

If you can still find her on sale for $6 like I did, Ghoul Spirit Frankie is a must-have, in my not so humble opinion.

{Also, check out the latest episode of the Monster High podcast Ghoul Talk for an audio review of the Ghoul Spirit Frankie doll, by yours truly!}


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nymphaea
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 11:40:04

    Oh, the shoes are great, and that glove is adorable. I want to thank you for the tip on the website for collectors too 🙂


  2. batsap
    Jan 15, 2014 @ 09:19:27

    Wow, I didn’t realise I wanted her until I read your post! She’s adorable. 🙂


  3. lala
    Feb 13, 2014 @ 16:10:03

    i have the frankie doll i made a mistake and took the plastic band out of her hair!=(


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