Doll Review: Music Festival Venus McFlytrap

IMG_0382I have a ton of new dolls to review now that I’m back from my six week trip to the States, and first on the list (for no particular reason) is Monster High’s Music Festival Venus McFlytrap.

Music Festival is a slim-box budget line consisting of five characters: Clawdeen Wolf, Venus McFlytrap, Abbey Bominable, and also Clawd Wolf and Draculaura in a Kmart-exclusive 2-pack.  It seems that each character is meant to represent a different genre of music (except maybe Clawd and Draculaura, who are just really generic looking), which would have been a very cool concept if it’d been done better.

Honestly, Venus is the only doll in this line that I don’t actively dislike; the others look like throwaway budget dolls, with ugly outfits and not even cute shoes or interesting hair or makeup to make them appealing.  Venus seems more complete and with a better outfit than the others, but even still, I wouldn’t have bought this version of her if she hadn’t been on sale for $6 at Target.IMG_0386

In contrast to the boringness of the dolls themselves, the graphic art and packaging on this line is pretty awesome.  Venus’ character art is really cute and she’s pretty punk rock looking, and the outside of the box has a neat monstery music note motif.


The box insert is bitchin, and one that I want to keep just ’cause it looks cool.


But on to the doll itself…


There’s Venus on the backcard, ready to be liberated.


She has a very similar faceup to the other versions of this character, with the one exception of her Ghouls Night Out doll.  Personally, I strongly prefer the eyes on GNO Venus, they’re not as staringly wide or something.

Music Festival Venus has nearly identical hair to the other versions as well, which is frustrating, especially considering that she’s supposed to be a punk character – you’d think they would give her a bunch of different crazy awesome hairstyles and colors, but no, every version of Venus has the same freaking hair. The box art on this one shows her with a shorter section of hair in the middle that’s all spiked up, but the actual doll just has the same old hairstyle that all the other Venus dolls have, with only the addition of a jagged green line printed on the “shaved” side of her head.


On this doll, despite pink being very much the dominant color visually, the pink hair is rooted in only a couple of rows around the outside edges of the hair-do, with the rest of the hair being green.

Anyway, here she is out of the box:


I have to admit this doll is actually pretty appealing; her color scheme is so bold and vibrant, and really well balanced.  She looks much better out of the box; the colors and busyness of the packaging weren’t really doing her any favors.

20140131_093855She’s wearing a one-strap black & pink graphic-print mini dress, with a flocked hot-pink half shirt over top that has lighter pink skullettes printed on and jagged un-hemmed edges, presumably to make it look more punk and less hipster.  She also has black folded-over boots with pink soles, a translucent green spiky belt (a recast of her GNO belt), a spiky pink bracelet, arm & leg vines, one earring, and a “VIM” (Very Important Monster, hurr) badge.  Since Music Festival is a budget line, she does not come with a purse or a stand, or any additional accessories.

I wish the design on her dress wasn’t pointing right at her crotch; you can tell from the box art that it’s meant to be off to the side, but all these dolls I’ve seen in person have had dresses like this one.  Fashion faux pas, ghoulfriend.

One of the first things I had to do after deboxing her was take off that ugly little shirt; I get what they were going for with it, but the skullettes make it look so tacky to me.  I was very eager to see how the dress looked alone – and then I discovered this:


Talk about your fashion faux pas.. not just one, but both of her tiny plastic titties hang out of this thing.  No wonder she wears the t-shirt over top.

I was able to get the dress to stay up enough for pictures, though the strap continuously falls down and the whole thing just wants to sag.  Some double-sided tape would come in very handy here.  They really should have added one of those clear straps that are often on the strapless doll dresses.


She does look pretty bitchin’ in that dress though; without the t-shirt, this really is a killer outfit, though it’s much more night club than music festival, and only vaguely punk-rock.

All in all, I’m happy to have spent $6 for this doll.  She is very similar to other dolls of the same character, but the dress is super cute and she’s fun to photograph.  I will probably end up keeping the stock but selling off either this or Ghoul Spirit Venus at some point because they are just so very similar.  Perhaps I’ll use her to practice repainting eyes – for now though, she can rock out on my doll shelf.



7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nymphaea
    Jan 31, 2014 @ 14:15:41

    Hi! I like her hair and earrings, it’s a pity about the dress, it should fit! The artwork on the boxes is always stunning, that’s why I keep my two dolls (! I doubled my collection ;-)) in the package, it’s an important part of the esthetics of MH dolls for me.


    • DollNerd
      Jan 31, 2014 @ 16:13:21

      The dress fits well enough, it just has that unfortunate tendency to slip down. :/

      It is tempting to keep a lot of the MH boxes for the artwork, but I hoard so much stuff already… my husband is beginning to get worried. XD


  2. Blackkitty
    Jan 31, 2014 @ 16:02:05

    That’s an incredible price! I paid almost that much for a used nude doll with half of the hair missing 😦
    What I would do if I had this doll, to kill two birds with one stone, I would lift the pink row of hair next to the flocked part and cut like 2/3 of it to expose more green; then snip everything together to get nice layers similar to the box art. Finally, tie the longer hair to the body and dip any leftover to the roots in boiling, then icy water, leave upside down to dry. This should result in layered punk hair with more green in it.


    • DollNerd
      Jan 31, 2014 @ 16:17:11

      That is exactly what I’d like to do to her hair! You make a really good point about the colors too; with the top part cut short like the box art, lots of the green would be exposed – I bet it will look awesome!

      I’m always really nervous to cut dolls’ hair, but since this doll is basically an extra anyway, maybe this is the time to start honing my dolly salon skills. ^^


  3. Alira
    Sep 18, 2014 @ 09:53:00

    Hello,I would like to say, I have this Venus, and the dress on mine fits her really well.I mean, it does not go down or something, and its printing it’s not the same as yours.The lines on mine end on a side,under her left arm.
    So I think it’s just bad luck.With the hair I know it happens the same,as my Rochelle hasn’t got as much blue hair as other I’ve seen.However,i love the two,they’re beautiful ^_^. I just passed your blog,and I liked the reviews you make and the photographs!
    Hope you understand my bad english haha.


    • DollNerd
      Sep 18, 2014 @ 13:54:17

      Thanks for your comment (and your English isn’t bad at all)!

      It’s good to know all the dresses on this doll don’t have the same nip-slip problem as mine!


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