Doll Review: Getting Fairest Raven Queen


In case anybody reading is new to Ever After High, it’s a sister franchise to Mattel’s wildly popular Monster High, featuring the teenaged children of classic fairy tale characters who either embrace or rebel against their “destiny” to follow in their parents’ footsteps.  Raven Queen is the main character – she’s the daughter of the evil queen from Snow White, though she herself isn’t evil at all.

Getting Fairest Raven Queen is my fifth Ever After High doll, and the first version of this character for me.  The  other EAH dolls in my collection are the signature versions of Blondie Lockes, Cerise Hood, Madeline Hatter, and Hunter Huntsman; I do want to get a signature Raven, but what with my pickiness about eye and clothing wonk, and my resolution to not buy dolls at full price, she just hasn’t made her way home with me yet [Edit: I found a wonk-free faded-eyebrow sig Raven during the course of writing this review – and broke my “no full price dolls” rule for her…XD].


This is one of the few Canadian doll boxes where the flavor text hasn’t been altered for the sake of including more languages.

20140203_115051(0)The Getting Fairest line of EAH dolls is meant to be about the main characters getting ready for the “True Hearts” dance;  each doll is dressed in a nightgown (or romper in the case of Briar Beauty), robe, slippers, and some kind of headwear, and comes with a plastic nightstand holding two pieces of alternate head/neckwear and either a hand mirror or a makeup compact.

The backs of the boxes feature text message conversations, dated February 14, between the featured characters and C.A. Cupid, where they express excitement about the dance and ask for her advice on which of the included accessories to wear; on the USA boxes, underneath the texts is an advertisement for the True Hearts Day cartoon, which I heard is going to air on February 9 on Nickelodeon – but it’s also being uploaded piecemeal to YouTube as well.  I’m a little surprised there’s not more of a party dress/dance-themed doll line to go along with it all, but Getting Fairest seems to be it.

You’d think this would be a budget line, as bedtime/pajama dolls tend to be, but it’s not – the GF dolls come with stands and brushes, along with the nightstand and extra accessories that kind of make up for the simpler outfit on the doll, and the price point is the same as the signature dolls.


The Getting Fairest dolls come in the same style of box as all the other EAH dolls, where the whole thing is meant to look like a book with its cover ripped off.  The “spine” on this one is identical to the signature release version, just with different character art in the frame.  The front of GF Raven’s box is a sketchy drawing of what is presumably her bedroom or dorm room (instead of the castle/forest theme of the other releases), and there is no “bookmark” diary included with the Getting Fairest line.

As usual with Ever After High, there’s a lot of cute details just on the box alone.  I’m still so charmed by the “doodles on the book” thing they’ve got going with the box art.

PicMonkey Collage

It’s cute packaging and the pack rat in me wants to hang on to it, but I don’t plan to display the doll in the box like I want to do with the sigs – GF Raven is going to be displayed with her vanity, whenever I eventually get a hold of that.  On a slightly off-topic note, I am so stoked about that playset – so many details and little pieces, it’s wonderful!  This doll was honestly a bit more tempting than it would otherwise have been because she’s going to look so cute sitting at the vanity, plus knowing that I want the vanity made me want the little nightstand that comes with the Getting Fairest doll, so I can recreate her whole bedroom at some point.

Speaking of the nightstand, it’s really bitchin’ for what you might have expected to be crappy little add-on item.  The piece is surprisingly complex, with three different colored plastics and and tons of intricate sculpted details all over.  Now they just need to make a cool bed for Raven to go with it… *hint hint Mattel*

PicMonkey Collage2The extra accessories that are packaged on Raven’s nightstand include a hand mirror and two rubber “evil queen” collars.  One of the collars is lavender, with a sort of quilted texture overall and a black bird skull on the front; the other collar is silver, with kind of an ice-inspired spiky design.

PicMonkey Collage320140204_104435The mirror only works in the doll’s left hand – the loop on the handle fits over the two joined fingers.  It “fits” on the right hand’s fingers but the mirror just falls off immediately, whereas it will stay put in her left hand.

I love that there’s sculpted detail on both sides of the items – it’s little things like that that keep me coming back to a toy line; attention to detail never fails to impress me.  Unfortunately the purple collar has some weird, dirty-looking discoloration in some of the crevices, and I’m guessing the plastic wasn’t properly mixed when it was poured into the mold or something; it’s a shame, because otherwise this was one accessory that I’m not jonesing to paint, but now I’ll have to if I want to use it.

There will be some pics later in the review showing what the collars look like on the doll, but first let’s talk about the doll itself.


I think she’s very pretty, but then I am always a sucker for dolls with light makeup; this version of Raven just has some shimmery pinkish-lavender eye shadow and a matching lip color.  The big, round heads of the EAH dolls used to bother me, especially because the first four characters have the exact same head sculpt, but I must be getting used to them now because I keep looking at Raven and thinking how lovely she is.


20140203_121359She has a sort of sarcastic yet cynically friendly air about her, which is perfect for Raven’s character (even though the dolls don’t look much like the character art at all).  My doll has some eye wonk – her right eye and eyebrow are printed at a slightly weird angle – but this was the only one in the store when I got her, and somehow it just doesn’t bother me very much on this doll.  Real people are never symmetrical, and I guess this amount of eye wonk fits into my headcanon of realistic crookedness or something.

I think Raven has the cutest outfit of all the Getting Fairest dolls.   Her little nightgown is essentially a long sleeveless t-shirt with black and purple ruffles at the bottom; the main dress is made from lavender jersey that’s printed with black, purple, and white birds.

Raven’s robe is an almost magenta purple, with flared sleeves edged with wide black lace.  It’s very vintage looking, but again it suits the character really well.


The shoes she comes with are solid black mules made to look like the evil queen version of Fredericks of Hollywood fuzzy slippers, with spikes all over the heels and the Eye of Sauron on the toes.  Ok, ok… they’re probably supposed to be mirrors, not the baleful eye of the Dark Lord of Mordor – when you look closely the emblem on the slippers mimics the design of the handheld mirror that the doll comes with.


While we’re on the subject of Raven’s wearables, let’s go back to those rubber collars..  They’re kind of a weird choice of accessory for a doll, but definitely unique and honestly pretty neat.  I wish I had Legacy Day Raven or a deboxed Signature doll so we could see what these collars look like with those outfits, ’cause I suspect they’d be pretty awesome, considering how surprisingly cool they look even just with the nightgown.  Not to mention they’re a lot more manageable and long-hair-friendly than the crazy high collars that come with the other dolls.

PicMonkey Collage4

You can see how the collars fasten from underneath – just a button-and-loop kind of deal:


The final accessory that we haven’t talked about yet is Raven’s bad-ass headphones and music player (mirrorpod?).  Canonically, she’s an aspiring musician, so it’s adorably appropriate that she would listen to music while getting ready for a dance.


The whole headphone thing is very detailed – the bird skull where the cords meet is particularly nifty; it’s a design element that’s showing up on a lot of Raven’s stuff (does anyone else wonder if her design is based a bit on D&D?).

The cord is not really bendable per se, but it is made of a very soft plastic that could be coaxed into changing position, with a little ingenuity.

PicMonkey Collage5

The weird thing here is the way they styled her hair overtop the band of the headphones.  I think it actually looks cool, but I do tend to like that sort of extreme hair bump, not to mention it makes her round-ass head look more oval.  It’s a pretty strange style though with the headphones in there, especially on a doll where the headset is permanently attached to the cord of the music player; definitely limits the posing and playing capabilities here.  (Ooh, I should modify the headphones so the cord is detachable…)


There’s a rubber band across the back of her head that’s holding the headset on – it’s almost invisible until you lift up all of her hair.

I wanted to redress her and play around and stuff, so I definitely had to take off the headphones almost right away.  Fortunately it was kind of a pain in the ass but not too hard to do, and I think it’ll be pretty easy to put the hair back in that style at any time; it’s basically just two half-ponytails on top of each other, with the headphones in between.  She’ll need a spa treatment or at least a good combing before I do anything else with her hair though.

PicMonkey Collage6

Before, during, and after removing the headset.

PicMonkey Collage8This Raven’s hair isn’t the best texture – it’s not terribly soft and has a lot of flyaways, and it just looks a little ratty in general, especially after mucking about to get the headset off.  The rooting over her right ear is kinda jacked too, and there’s a visible bald spot over her left ear as well.  I am disappoint.

The way they did the color is very pretty though; two mixed shades of purple with streaks of black are rooted at the hairline, and the rest of the hair is jet black.  The hair on this doll looks very similar to her signature version actually, but with some black mixed into the purple, which looks more realistic in my opinion and more canonically correct for the character.

20140207_101225aAll in all I’m pretty pleased with Getting Fairest Raven Queen; the doll itself is adorable and mine is only slightly flawed.  She has a soft, pretty faceup and comes with a bunch of cute items that are fun to play with.  The only downside to this doll is that the retail price is a little high if you’re not interested in the nightstand and collars, considering that this doll is the same price as signature Raven, who has a much more intricate and detailed outfit.  This doll is going to look so cute with the vanity playset though!  For me, this version of Raven will probably be the one I play with and photograph, whereas the signature Raven that I bought will most likely just be for display, since I prefer the lighter makeup and they have very similar hair anyway.




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  1. batsap
    Feb 08, 2014 @ 14:50:31

    Just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your reviews and GF Raven looks awesome 🙂


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