Review: Black Carpet Clawdeen Wolf – Monster High doll


Black Carpet is the slim box line that goes along with the Frights, Camera, Action! dolls and movie, and it consists of four of the main characters dressed for walking down the redblack carpet for a movie premier.  The characters in this budget line are Cleo DeNile, Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, and Clawdeen Wolf; they’re all pretty fabulous except for Lagoona.  Clawdeen caught my eye right off the bat though, when we first saw photos of the line from NY ComiCon; her spiky earring and ornate neckpiece are just so fabulously bad-ass.


The boxes for all the Black Carpet dolls are the same except for the character art on the front; all the art is in the cg style of the FCA! movie.  Monster High’s cg is hideous, in my opinion, and looks very little like the dolls.  Clawdeen’s is probably the closest, actually:

20140311_152319This isn’t a doll I’d want to keep MIB anyway though, so whatever; ugly box design is a turn-off but hardly a dealbreaker.

20140311_152421The design of the box insert is identical to the deluxe FCA dolls, and Clawdeen is supposed to be posed as if she’s walking down the “black carpet.”   Her hair takes up the entire width of the box. XD

The first thing I noticed about my BC Clawdeen when I took her out of the box is that she had glue residue on her face, presumably from her hair; no worries though, it was just styling product and wiped off with a dab of water.


Deboxing her was just a matter of cutting through a bunch of plastic tabs.


20140314_124409Black Carpet Claween is wearing a purple and black animal print dress with lighter purple tulle ruffles at the bottom; her accessories consist of a purple plastic moon-shaped purse, a spiky earring, a fancy gold neckpiece, a gold belt, and ornate gold shoes.  Her curly hair is light brown with purple around the hairline; she has a ponytail with a side part and some tendrils around her face.

20140314_125639_resizedI usually really like the clothes they put on Clawdeen; purple and black and animal prints and a bad-ass aesthetic – I am totally down.  This dress, however, is just a hot mess – the main print is weird and the bottom ruffles look out of place, and the whole thing just looks like a bad collage of a dress.  If they’d left off the ruffle or the sleeves, or made the body of the dress a solid color, it would look so much better.  Also, the hem is presumably intentionally asymmetrical, but on mine it kinda looks like someone just messed up and cut it a little crooked accidentally.

In contrast to the icky dress, the accessories on this doll are totally awesome; that plus the loveliness of the doll itself makes up for my distaste for the clothing.

PicMonkey Collage2

The necklace in particular is really freaking cool.  It’s made to look like a studded collar (wolf>dog>collar>XD) with all sorts of chains and beads coming off of it that drape around the doll’s shoulders.  There’s a large detailed crescent moon on the left side, and some small charms hanging from the chains on the right, including Clawdeen’s skullette and another crescent moon.

Clawdeen’s belt is a similar style to the necklace, and the two pieces complement each other nicely.

20140314_125152_resized It’s a very cool piece, but it doesn’t really sit right on her hips; the belt keeps kinda popping  up too high on her waist.  It’s hard to get it to sit in a way that looks realistic – the belt has to be adjusted every time I move the doll into a different position.  20140314_125113I suppose the necklace has a similar issue, where the chains are kinda floating instead of resting on her shoulders, but for some reason that doesn’t bother me as much as the floating belt.  Both problems could probably be easily solved with some heat and a little reshaping though.

20140314_125350_resizedClawdeen totally got the best shoes of the Black Carpet line; all of them are wonderfully detailed, but Clawdeen’s are just amazing.  There are three studded, buckled straps around her ankles, chains that drape around the back of the shoes, studs on the heels and around all the edges of the shoes, and a series of moons in different phases sculpted into the front of the soles.

PicMonkey Collage

The purse is shaped like a crescent moon and carries on the studs/beads theme that all the Black Carpet accessories seem to share, and like the other BC purses it does not open.  The crispness of the detail on this accessory is really nice, and I wish the necklace was like that.

Clawdeen’s final accessory is the spiky earring:


This thing is so dangerous-looking, in the best way.  I have no idea why they only gave her one earring though- her piercings are visible on her other ear, but they are not actually punctured.  Some little gold studs or tiny crescent moons would have been nice; this is a budget doll though, so I guess there’s only so much we can expect.


Peanut butter and jelly keep coming to mind when I look at her hair.


The style is really pretty – the side part and the curls next to her face really elevate what is essentially a simple ponytail into something more black tie, or black carpet if you will.  It is going to be very easy to mess up this hairdo though, since the curls are held in place by a piece of hair that goes into the pony tail; if those curls get messy, you’d probably have to take down the whole hairstyle to fix them.


The rooting is nice and tight on my doll, and seems plenty dense.  If I was being really picky, it might have been nice to get another row of hair closer to her ears, but I’m not going to be that picky. >.>

20140314_124737aI had a ridiculously hard time finding a BC Clawdeen with decent facial screening.  They often seem to print Clawdeen’s eyes too high up on the sculpt, making it look like she has bags under her eyes, and this one is no exception.  The majority of the BC Clawdeens I saw were far worse though, many of them with one eye printed significantly higher than the other.  It’s really a shame because, when it’s printed straight, this doll’s face is really lovely.  I dig the color choices too; the green and red really stand out because the rest of the doll is all the same purple & gold color scheme.

All in all, I think this Clawdeen doll may become one of my favorites (though I probably think that about every new Clawdeen I get); her face and hair make her look so elegant and sophisticated, and she comes with killer accessories.  The dress is a little disappointing, but considering how flawlessly great everything else is about the doll, who can complain?



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. barbielea
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 11:55:54

    I love this doll – I can’t believe I turned her down as a gift recently (I got a bendy Adventure Time Jake instead so it didn’t end disastrously, but still …). I think that green eyeshadow should look really rubbish, but its gorgeous. Love the jewellry in your pics, especially that earring, which I never noticed before.


  2. Ana
    Jul 17, 2014 @ 21:10:01

    Really? Lagoona is actually my absolute favorite! She’s one of my favorite MH dolls ever, actually. I don’t know why but I just love it! Haha I think it’s funny though that you said all of them are awesome but Lagoona and I think Lagoona’s actually the only great one (I like the others but they’re just okay in my opinion) 🙂


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