Review: Legacy Day Raven Queen – EAH doll

Legacy Day Raven Queen is one doll that I’ve been waiting for a long time to buy; the LD dolls are priced quite high (~$35 in Canada) and I could never find one that had both good facial screening and a good outfit.  The initial releases of LD Raven all had bodices that were sewn so tight that the fabric was cracked and I thought it looked really bad, especially for such a pricey doll.  So when I finally stumbled across one that had a perfect dress, I snapped her up as quick as I could despite the doll being full price and having a bit of eye wonk (big thanks to Mr. Nerd for buying her for me! ^^).

(Of course, now that I’ve opened the doll, all the new ones on the shelves have un-stretched dresses, so I acted much too quickly and missed out on some great sales that would have got me this doll for almost half of what my husband paid.  These are the difficult lessons of a collector. XD)


As I mentioned in my initial Ever After High post (and if you’re somehow not familiar with EAH, go read that one first), Raven Queen is the daughter of the Evil Queen from the Snow White fairy tale, and on Legacy Day at Ever After High, Raven’s supposed to pledge herself to her destiny and commit to being the next evil queen.

The first EAH book, The Storybook of Legends, has the full story of Raven’s Legacy Day in gloriously fun detail, but the Legacy Day webisode gives a nice, condensed version (and gives you all the visuals) – you can watch it here if you haven’t already.


Like all the Ever After High dolls, Legacy Day Raven comes in a box that’s made to look like a book with its cover ripped off.  The LD boxes are probably my least favorite of all the EAH packaging so far but they still have some cute details.

PicMonkey Collage

The back of the box has the full body character art of Raven in her Legacy Day outfit overlaid on what looks like a fancy invitation to the Legacy Day ceremony.  The Canadian version is crap because of multiple languages, but the American version says:

The fairest fairyteens of Ever After High are ready to spellebrate




It’s the chapter we’ve waited our whole lives for!

The time when we declare to be the next

generation of famous fairy tales, magically binding

ourselves to our legendary stories.

Dressed in our royally hexquisite Legacy fashions,

each of us holds the key to our destiny.

Our future has been written.  It’s waiting to be unlocked.

This is just the first step towards our very own Once Upon a Time.

Underneath that is what looks like a note stuck to the bottom of the invitation:

WAIT a spell! It’s time to flip the script!

Some students want to follow their true heart’s desire.

Not everyone has a happily ever after waiting for them!

Time to rewrite our destinies!

For the first time ever after, tradition is going to be turned on its crown!


Raven’s character art is identical to her Legacy Day design in the webisode; so far, EAH is pretty good about their own continuity from art to webisode to dolls.  Here is the best full body shot from the webisode that I could find of Raven (and Maddie) in her Legacy Day outfit:


And a closer shot that shows more detail:


In The Storybook of Legends, we learn that each Legacy Day participant is expected to wear an “heirloom outfit” – the clothes that their fairytale parent had made famous.

…On a wire dummy stood her mother’s dress.  Raven remembered it from her childhood, the special-occasion dress her mother put on when playing hostess to evil fairies, giants, sorceresses, and the most prestigious of witches.

It was a black that when moving reflected silver and purple tones.  The bodice was built like armor, the skirts wide and fearless.  Daggers jutted from the sleeves at the elbows, spikes at the shoulders.

However, as we know, Raven is her own woman, and so chooses to buck convention and wear a combination of her own outfit and her mother’s:

She would just wear the clothes she’d put on that morning – a shimmery purple top with metal chain belts, purple leggings, and black knee-high boots with silver studs.

But she did hook on her mother’s cape.  It was a wicked-awesome cape, with a high collar and fabric that shimmered and captured the glance.  And she put on the crown, an intricate silver dome with purple jewels dripping onto her forehead.  She was a Queen, after all.  She didn’t want to become her mother, but she couldn’t completely deny her legacy.


Personally I would love to have seen that bad-ass evil queen dress become a reality, but this doll’s outfit is still really cool.

Let’s take a look at each item, from head to toe..

crownThe crown is kind of weird and awesome.  The whole thing is antiqued silver plastic and it consists of a chain-draped, spiked ball on her head with what looks like a winged hummingbird skull on top, then there are more wings on the front with a decorative “jeweled” piece hanging down on her forehead, with painted purple gems.  There are also two large talon-shaped pieces that curl down from the sides of the crown and around her temples, and the crown has a built in headband (which has a lot of sculpted detail for a piece that’s mostly hidden under her hair) to keep it securely on the doll’s head; zireael2005 on flickr has some nice shots of the crown by itself that show the headband part.

collarOne of the costume elements that they like to carry over into all of Raven’s dolls is big “evil queen” collars.  This is obviously inspired by the Disney Snow White villain:

Legacy Day Raven’s collar is crazy big.  It’s kind of really awesomely over-the-top, with a bunch of lacy-looking detail and a kind of abstract filigree feather design on the collar itself, which is attached to a seriously fantastic, purple-feathered, chain-draped shoulderpiece.  I love that they’re glazing these silver pieces with black to show all the wonderful sculpted detail, and I wish they’d done the front of the collar like they did with the rest of it.20140419_163322

The real problem with that big fancy collar though is that it gets in the way of the doll’s hair.  I saw a lot of these dolls on store shelves with collars that were practically bent in half because of that side ponytail.  On my doll, the whole shoulderpiece is kind of warped slightly off-kilter because the ponytail was pushing it sideways in the box, and her head has to be turned slightly to the side when she’s wearing the collar.  The hair/collar dilemma kind of cuts down on the playability of this doll, but I *really* like the shoulderpiece… so I took an exacto knife and cut the collar off of mine.  It’s much more versatile now.

The cape is separate from the collar/shoulderpiece and hooks around her throat with a simple plastic snap.  It’s made of a stiff plasticky fabric that is printed on one side with a gorgeous filigreed feather design done in black, purple, and jade green with some subtle irridescent glitter on top.

The doll comes displayed in the box with the cape doubled over so that you can see the printed side from the front.  It is actually much fuller than it first appears, but when you open it up and drape it around her shoulders, the wrong side of the fabric is visible, and as it is a whitish color, it looks kinda cheap and crappy, imo.  I just really hate when you can see the unfinished side of fabric on doll stuff.  Maybe I’ll add a lining to the cape at some point, ’cause I don’t think I’ll ever use it otherwise, even though it has these nifty loops for the doll to put her hands through so you can do poses with it.

20140419_161304Raven’s main outfit consists of silver-speckled purple leggings underneath a long, strapless stretchy number that has a long skirt piece in the back and two layers of tulle ruffles on the sides.  It’s almost a dress, but doesn’t cover the doll’s crotch.  The material is metallic purple with  a pattern that looks like scales or feathers; the long skirt piece is that same material, but unfortunately we’re mostly looking right at the back of the fabric, which is white.  It’s nice that the edge of this skirt piece is finished, but I wish it had been lined or just colored purple or black to go better with the outfit and match the character art better.

Her belt is a great accessory with the shape of the top, and is made to look like a series of chains draped around her hips.  It is glazed to match the crown and collar.


Raven is wearing two bracelets – a black one that I forgot to photograph and which has a sort of voodoo-y look, and a silver one with sculpted pyramid studs and gems.  Her ring is also silver, and is shaped like a bird wing.  For some reason, these pieces are not glazed like the other silver accessories.


Lastly, Raven is wearing knee-high, open-toed black boots that are accented with sculpted feathers and silver pyramid studs, and a row of diamond shapes (laces?) down the front of each boot.  The boots are made of a rather soft rubber and like to gape open around her calves.  Putting a small clear rubber band around the top of each boot is an easy and almost invisible fix.

20140421_155319I love that this doll’s toenails are painted!  It’s an adorable detail, and definitely makes this feel like more of a special occasion doll than her signature version.

LD Raven also comes with a brush, saddle stand, and a Raven-themed “book of legends” and matching key.  The book is actually a little box that opens, and they key fits into the keyhole on the front.

book collageThe key is crazy detailed, with a bird skull at the top and sculpted gems:



At the end of the scene in the Storybook of Legends when Raven is supposed to be putting on her “heirloom outfit,” it also describes her makeup:

…darkening her lids and under-eyes with dragon-blue-green shadow.  She drew on dramatic dark pink lips.  She sculpted her brows.

20140419_160642The webisode and doll are actually pretty similar to the book description, props to them for that.  This doll’s eyes actually look less heavily lined than the signature version, and the pale turquoise and lavender eyeshadow is beautifully soft-looking but still special occasion, what with the glitter and the undereye color.  Her lips are a shimmery purple color that perfectly matches her top.  The first releases of this doll also had eyebrows that were faded toward the center (just like the first releases of the signature dolls); I wish my doll had that, but her face is still super pretty, even with the eye wonk that is so prevalent on these dolls.


I had to try out the collars that came with Getting Fairest Raven; they look pretty awesome with this outfit imo.20140421_160458b

All in all, I’m really happy with this doll, even though she was full price and has a touch of eye wonk – she’s still gorgeous and has so many cool accessories, and everything is wonderfully detailed.  Her outfit is not my favorite all together, but the individual pieces are cool, and I can’t wait to do some restyling on her and take more photos.  I think she may be my favorite Raven doll so far!







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