Doll Review: EAH Hat-tastic Cedar Wood

HT Cedar marked

Hat-tastic Party Cedar has been on shelves here for weeks now, way before the USA for once; I was planning on holding out for her signature doll, but after picking up a HT version for an Arena member I was too smitten to pass her up, especially since it seemed like Sig Cedar wasn’t ever going to come to Canada.

I am not a fan of the dresses in the Hat-tastic line (except Maddie’s), and did not plan on buying any dolls from the line because of it, but literally everything else about this Cedar doll is pretty wonderful and she started winning me over the first time I saw her in person.

Let’s take a look at her from the top down:

cedar hatShe has a cute little Pinocchio hat headband with tiny sculpted details.  I love that it’s the same style of hat from the original illustration of Pinocchio done by Enrico Mazzanti in 1883:

20140919_180205This Cedar doll has lots of purple in her hair, which is styled into a side ponytail with big bouncy curls; she’s wearing gold earrings with a button and a bow. You can see all the awesome wood grain detail that’s even on the back of her head in this shot.

The front of her face isn’t wood-grained because, as we’ve seen in the webisodes, she sands it smooth:

(I’m so glad they didn’t half-ass the doll and make her whole head smooth.)

The wood grain detailing continues over her entire body, which is amazing, and she even has sculpted puppet “joints” on her elbows and knees, though they are different from the visible joints in her webisode design.

wood grain

20140919_175409Hat-tastic Cedar’s makeup is both softer and more “dressy” than her signature doll’s, which is an interesting contradiction – HT Cedar has large eyes with shimmery lavender eyeshadow in several shades, and her lips have an all-over nude shimmer with a medium-pink cupid’s bow in the center of her lips.

Here’s a comparison pic from tumblr user miwadake:

tumblr_n7fnba7vqO1qfvh9po2_1280Signature Cedar has the same lipstick style, with a darker cupid’s bow over nude lips, so it seems like this is a character thing, but I can’t figure out why.  I’ve only taken a short makeup history class, but as far as I know that style of lipstick is either a French Rococo thing or a 1920’s flapper thing; lots of people think that it’s meant to make Cedar look more wooden-doll-like, but I searched images of antique marionettes and dolls and can’t find any with lips like this, so I’m baffled.  I think it’s cute though, and makes her even more unique.

20140919_175628HT Cedar’s dress is made of a stiff material with a satiny finish; the bodice is a salmon-pink faux bois pattern with short black net sleeves and a separate plastic collar that’s pretending to be black net.  There’s a large ruffle at the waist, and under that is a patterned knee-length skirt.

20140919_175516The skirt is printed with purple and white flowers and has a wide border at the bottom that features a fancy gold scroll design above steaming teacups and framed grasshoppers, fairies, and donkeys.

I mentioned before that the dresses are the weakest part of the Hat-tastic line in my opinion; they’re made with the kind of fabric that cheap fakie clothes are made of, though the seamed edges on the HT dresses do bring them up a notch.  At first I thought the edges weren’t hemmed, a la the Legacy Day dolls, and vowed not to buy any of them, but hey I was wrong.  I still don’t like that stiff fabric though, and the design of Cedar’s dress is not one I’m a fan of, though the bottom border is cute.  Anybody want to trade me for a Sig Cedar dress? XD

All the Hat-tastic Party dolls are wearing “gloves,” which is achieved with plastic wrist cuffs and the hands being a different color from the body.  Cedar’s cuffs are shaped like ornate tea cups, or maybe what I thought was a cup handle is the loop for her puppet strings (which they did not include on her signature doll), and the backs of her hands have a lovely sculpted floral pattern that I wasn’t able to get a good photo of.

20140919_174907Her shoes are AMAZING; the level of detail is just gorgeous. I love all the elements of her story represented on them; I actually feel like these would have been better as her Signature shoes, but I guess they’re a little too fancy.20140919_175651

Again, I love this purse even more than the one her Sig doll comes with – the sculpted detail is pretty incredible – and the top opens!  The marionette bar on the handle is a fun detail, too.

20140919_183516The tea set is sculpted to look like it’s all made out of wood. They’re cute, and the sculptors did a great job of making them fit into the dolls’ hands.  It’s great that you get three cups with it, too – it’s a whole set, which makes for a lot more fun play options than if the dolls only came with their own personal teacups.

tea party

Despite the fact that this isn’t the version of Cedar I’d originally wanted, I’m still really happy to have her.  The wood-grain body detailing would make any version of Cedar worth getting really, but the wonderful accessories, loads of purple in her hair with all the soft curls, and the pretty faceup, make Hat-tastic Cedar almost a must-have if you’re into EAH dolls at all.  HT Cedar Wood


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  1. SmallerPlaces
    Dec 06, 2014 @ 08:37:22

    My first thought on the lips was “Queen Amidala,” which is NO HELP at all.

    Second thought was “mime lips,” and that seems to be the answer. At least, mimes seem to have lips done like that, and conflating “mime” and “puppet” sort of makes sense, kind of.

    Cedar’s the one EAH character other than Briar that I’d consider getting, so love the review detail on face-up.


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