Doll Review: Disney Fairies – Celebrate Pixie Party Tinkerbell

Tink 002

Clochette = “little bell” (also a type of goat cheese)

I came across the Disney Fairies “Celebrate Pixie Party” dolls about a month ago when I was in Walmart browsing the Monster High aisle.  I often eyeball Disney Fairies dolls for their clothes, but I’ve never been really tempted to buy one because the dolls themselves are just so basic and unappealing.  But these new ones caught my eye, mainly because holy crap, they’re fully articulated!  And such cute outfits!  And hey, decent sculpts!  Even K-mart agrees:

New, 9″ Deluxe Fashion Dolls with new, expressive head sculpts, 11 points of articulation for more posability and highly detailed, trendy fashions with a chic pixie twist. Features 4 of the most popular fairies – Tink, Silvermist, Rosetta and Vidia. (from

This is the first time I’ve seen this level of articulation on Disney Fairies dolls, and all the sculpts are new and pretty adorable. These are probably the best Disney Fairies dolls made so far (though admittedly I’m not a Disney aficionado); at first glance, Jakks even seems to have put their own Winx dolls to shame.

There are five dolls in this line, including two versions of Tinkerbell (they seem to do that a lot) that each have a different head mold.  I prefer the closed-mouth smirk of the other Tinkerbell, but I don’t care for the outfit she’s in and don’t want to spend $20 just for the nude doll.



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