Ghoul Talk: Ever After – Episode 6: Briar Beauty

Episode 6 of Ghoul Talk: Ever After is now online, and this time it’s about everyone’s favorite party girl, Briar Beauty!  Listen to the episode online or download it on itunes.


Ghoul Talk Ever After: EAH @ NY Toy Fair

Ghoul Talk: Ever After is now going to be a permanent spin-off of the original Ghoul Talk podcast!  The first EAH episode was so well-received that we will be doing Ever After every month.

Episode 2 is now available for listening, and the topic is Ever After High’s reveals at the NY Toy Fair, where we discuss Cedar Wood, Thronecoming, and the second wave of Legacy Day dolls.  Click here to listen to this special podcast episode online, or download it on itunes.

Ghoul Talk: New York Toy Fair 2014

ep9 cover

The latest episode of the Ghoul Talk podcast is all about Monster High at the New York Toy Fair!  If you want to look at photos of all the new dolls and follow along while you listen to us chat about them, check out my previous blog post.  You can listen to the podcast online or download it on itunes.

In this episode, we discuss all the new lines and doll reveals from Monster High, including:

  • Coffin Bean, wave 2 – Robecca with bangs?!
  • Creepateria dolls
  • Ghoul Sports dolls – new color for Spectra – another new Toralei
  • New Scaremester, wave 2 – Invisibilly!!!!! – Catty Noir
  • Zombie dance dolls
  • Freaky Fusion – love or hate? – Neighthan Rot – Re-Animation Chamber – images from the movie shown of Avea trotter, Sirena von Boo and Bonita Femur
  •  I ❤ Accessories?
  • Inner Monsters (press on their brains!)
  • Catacombs playset
  • MH Styling head

Ghoul Talk: Ever After

ep 7.5

The latest special episode of the Ghoul Talk podcast is all about Ever After High!

In this episode we discuss:

-How many dolls have been produced, and what are the different series/waves?

-Differences and similarities between the doll bodies and head molds :EAH vs MH EAH

-Book of Legends (*SPOILER ALERT*)


  -legacies according to the Headmaster Grimm


  -mention of parents/siblings

  -evil queen is still alive?

  -different teachers at EAH

-And much more…

Listen to this episode of Ghoul Talk here, or download it on itunes.

Let us know how you like it and if you’d like to see more EAH episodes!!!

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