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While life has taken a big upswing for me lately, things are busier than ever around here – my husband and I are planning a move across the country!  We will be driving away from this awful lovely place at the end of May.

I’ve been bustling around the doll room this week, going through all the stuff and preparing to purge a lot of it.  Here’s just the MIB dolls that I’ll be putting up for sale:


The loose stuff is already filling two boxes, yikes.  Hopefully I will be able to sell most of it to other folks on the Arena or through kijiji without losing too much money.  I paid too much for that stuff to take a large loss on all of it; we could really use that money to help us get established in our new home. :/

In addition to packing and cleaning, the imminent move has lit a fire under me to get work done on all the projects that I’ve been procrastinating for the last four years.  OMFG there are a lot of them. XD


That pile of baits was awaiting the mighty dremel, and now some of their parts are now back in the bait bin (that Barbie actually has articulated feet but all the rest of the joints are crap so I just stole her legs xD).  I probably won’t be working with most of them any time soon, but the pieces will pack up smaller than whole dolls.  There are a lot of chores like this on my list.

20150409_020952One of the simpler projects, and the only one that’s mostly done so far, is this Novi/MH hybrid.  It’s a Tula Toned head on a MH dragon CaM body.  I painted the fins to match the Novi head better, and will eventually repaint Tula’s wings and tail too and add those (but that requires purchasing spray paint and we’re trying to pare down for the move).  I think she’s really cute, but it’s unfortunate that it’s a CaM body, because the lower limbs match Tula perfectly, but the upper limbs and torso are a paler/yellower shade of pink that is obvious in photos (especially at her knees). :/  I may have to do some more body painting on her to fix that later, but for now… oh well.

customizingcarryallThat’s my customizing carryall – you can see my Manny custom that I’ve been almost done sculpting since before his official doll was released…  There’s also a wip Princess Bubblegum head, a Disney Store Mother Gothel that’s getting turned into a punk cougar, the beginning of another Dragon CaM custom, the bratz boy that was my first faceup experiment, a Howleen/Novi custom that needs hair and eyes, and several clothing items that will get altered or deconstructed.  And all that is just the started projects – the tip of a very large iceburg.

I’m also working on some doll clothes for a very neglected friend, so those should be done relatively soon.  Also doing some custom amiibos to sell for cash, which will be finished in the next couple of weeks.  So yeah.. busy busy busy.  😀



Review: Curl ‘n Coil Tily Vizon – Novi Stars doll (+ Novi bodies comparison)

Tily Vizon is one of two “Curl ‘N Coil” Novi Stars dolls.  The CnC dolls are different from the other Novis in a couple of respects, namely that they are robots/cyborgs and have cyber dreads with a curling gimmick, but the CnC’s are also differently sized than the other Novi dolls (being bigger than the basics and smaller than the Stellar Skinz).


The Curl n’ Coil dolls were one of the more recent waves of Novi Stars, which means that they did not make it into many stores, as far as I’m aware – they definitely were not on shelves here in Canada.  (She and Roe Botik are still for sale on Amazon, and are currently listed for less than the retail price that I paid.)  I bought Tily from Amazon about a year ago when I had an online credit, and I was super excited – I mean, c’mon, she’s a super cute cyberpunk cyborg alien doll with fantastic shoes and electrical plugs as hair! More

Let’s talk Novi Stars! + Nita Light w/ Energy Pod review

novi22Let’s talk about Novi Stars – it’s an American line of  “fashion” dolls released by MGA Entertainment in 2012, and it’s one that I really like.  The dolls are all adorable little alien girls!

There are currently 9 basic Novi Stars dolls, a budget “Orbit Beach” line with the first 4 characters in swimsuits, 2 “Stellar Skins” dolls that are taller and have rubber “skins”/clothes, 2 “Super Novas” that are a little larger and just generally more awesome, 2 “Curl n’ Coil” dolls that are taller and have a robot/hair gimmick, an “Energy Pod” playset that comes with a basic doll, and there are four fashion packs and a line of blind-bag pets as well.

Each doll has a special feature, such as lighting up or glowing in the dark, that is promoted on their box, and has a bio which gives (generally rather insipid) details about the character. Every Novi Star comes with a pet and a glow-in-the-dark doll stand, excluding Nita Light, who comes with the energy pod.

Unfortunately the whole doll line seems to either be discontinued or on some kind of hiatus;  the most recent wave of Novis, despite the dolls being like 20% cooler, was very sparsely distributed in the United States and never made it to Canada at all.  The Novi Stars website used to have all the toys and character bios, and some kind of blogs or something, but now there’s only a small handful of Novi Stars themed games and nothing else.  Hopefully this isn’t the end of the line – it’s a great concept and the products are solid, with interesting designs and good sculpting on the dolls themselves (their little faces are so goddamned adorable). More

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