Review: Black Carpet Clawdeen Wolf – Monster High doll


Black Carpet is the slim box line that goes along with the Frights, Camera, Action! dolls and movie, and it consists of four of the main characters dressed for walking down the redblack carpet for a movie premier.  The characters in this budget line are Cleo DeNile, Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, and Clawdeen Wolf; they’re all pretty fabulous except for Lagoona.  Clawdeen caught my eye right off the bat though, when we first saw photos of the line from NY ComiCon; her spiky earring and ornate neckpiece are just so fabulously bad-ass. More


Doll Review: Monster High – I Love Fashion Clawdeen

20131207_101405I Love Fashion Clawdeen is a doll that I was really anticipating; it took a looong time for her and Scarah to make it to Canada.  I went to Toys R Us so many times hoping to find this fantastic set and she came home with me the first day I finally saw her in the store…  and then she sat, still boxed, in a corner of my living room for a week.  There was nothing wrong with the doll; something about her just wasn’t speaking to me, despite the long and eager wait I’d had to get her.  And then one day, I was shopping for something else and decided to look through the Clawdeens again – and found the perfect one.

I am probably the pickiest doll collector on the planet – I have to examine every single doll on the shelf before buying, searching not only for technical perfection, but  that special something in its face that makes a doll come alive in my mind.  My husband rolls his eyes, but now that I’ve been collecting for more than a year and I have  a metric buttload of dolls, I’ve come to realize that if a doll has too many flaws or lacks that “soul” to me, then it will tend to sit, unplayed with and unphotographed, and collect dust.

So maybe y’all can understand my excitement when I found the perfect Clawdeen.  I may be the only person who could even tell the difference between the one I kept and the one I returned, but apparently it matters to me.


The I Love Fashion Clawdeen set comes with a clothed doll and two extra outfits, each with shoes.  The doll comes dressed in a lime green tank top w/ black printed abstract designs reminiscent of zebra stripes, a black faux-snakeskin vest trimmed in purple, and capri pants that fade from black to plum.  She’s also wearing tall gold open-toed boots, lime green & purple hoop earrings, a black belt, and a variety of bracelets as well as clawed gold brass knuckles (so bad-ass!).  She also comes with a lime green boombox purse that’s a recolor of the one issued with Dance Class Howleen.  One of her hands has a sculpted purple two-fingered glove.


Doll Review: Monster High – Sweet 1600 Clawdeen Wolf Re-release

Sweet 1600 was a line  of Monster High dolls originally released in late 2011, revolving around Draculaura’s 1600th birthday.  The Sweet 1600 dolls were all dressed in party clothes and had glittery makeup and tinselled hair, and each one came with a gift for Draculaura.  All the dolls except for C.A. Cupid also came with a metallic key and a code to unlock the Sweet 1600 app and content on the Monster High website (diaries, episode scripts and Q & A).

This year for Black Friday, Walmart has exclusive re-releases of the main three Sweet 1600 dolls – Draculaura, Clawdeen, and Frankie.  These are identical to the original releases with a few exceptions: slightly different packaging, no tinsel in their hair, no gift, key, or invitation, and a different purse.  In the States, these re-releases were on sale for $10, but I also found them here in Canada on Saturday for $12; as of this writing, they are currently on for $20 (they’re not on at all). More

Doll Review: Monster High – Clawdia Wolf


Clawdia Wolf is part of the Monster High “Hauntlywood” assortment, which is the main doll line connected to the Frights, Camera, Action tv special that is supposed to be out in 2014.    Part of the premise is that the Monster High characters are making a film or the film is about them or something, and Clawdia here is the screenwriter. More

Doll Review: Ever After High – Cerise Hood

20131121_094236Let me warn you right now – there are some spoilers in this review, though I can’t imagine anyone who’s interested in these dolls doesn’t know this stuff already; it doesn’t hurt to mention it just in case though I suppose.


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